Pilot On Board - PPSP
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Pilot On Board

The Port Phillip Sea Pilots have navigated Port Phillip Bay and its treacherous entrance known as The Rip since 1839. Pilot on Board is a fascinating insight into one of the oldest companies in Victoria.

Starting with the first appointed pilot, George Tobin who was rowed out to incoming ships by convicts, the service has seen the maritime industry move from sails, to steam and then to the internal combustion engine. The service has weathered many a storm and not all of them wild seas. They have seen piracy in the Bay and lost some of their brethren to the depths.

A must read for anyone who enjoys early Victorian maritime history, or just wants a stunning coffee table book full of beautiful pictures. This 250 page hardcover book with photos and illustrations is a limited edition, so be sure to secure your own by visiting the Queenscliff Maritime Museum, Mission to Seafarers or online at ppsp.com.au