Our service offer - PPSP
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Our service offer

Our unique service offer

Shipping is flexible. Even more important for you to benefit from the only on-demand Pilotage service in Victoria. You deserve and expect reliability and the highest safety: there’s your ship, there’s our Pilot. Our 27 Pilots are highly skilled, diligently trained and on-time, 24/7/365. That’s how we ensure efficiency and help you save time and money.

As a customer with a Service agreement you already benefit from this bespoke service.

If you are not yet a customer with a tailored service agreement but are interested in getting to know all the benefits and how to save money, please send us an email. This service agreement is irrespective of your shipping volume, you deserve more. If have already have a direct billing arrangement with us, this will remain in place, just discounted.

Terms and Conditions

Shipping Agents

Most shipping agents in Australia receive volume discounts on our rates. Contact us for further info of how to benefit even more. If you are bringing a vessel to any of the ports we operate in, here is a list of those agents (in alphabetical order):

Asia World Shipping Services

Borthwick Maritime Services

Coastalbridge Agency

Gulf Agency Company

Inchcape Shipping Services

JP Shipping

JPC Group

Monson Agencies Australia

Neptune Pacific Agency

PIL Australia

Seaway Agencies

Sturrock Grindrod Marine

Wave Shipping

Wilhelmsen Port Services