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Leading the Way.

Marine Pilotage

All Victorian Ports

Australian Owned Est. 1839


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Leading the way, sustainably.

Our Expertise.

PPSP handle ships of all sizes and levels of sophistication, into all wharves and anchorages, and we do it with an unparalleled level of expertise and experience.

Pilots planning at helm of a ship
Shipping containers at Port Melbourne

Our Ports.

Victoria’s ports are the gateways to Australia’s second largest state economy. PPSP’s 30+ pilots have a combined 500+ years of experience  handling vessels in these ports, applying the highest professional standards to ensure safe and efficient transit of ships, goods and people they carry.

Our People.

PPSP invests in a team of nearly 50 people which includes pilots, launch crew, boat maintenance staff, control room operators and administration personnel to provide the service our customers demand.

Sea pilot walking on jetty
Historical ship photo

Our Story.

PPSP operating licence was granted to founder George Tobin by Governor Gipps of New South Wales (pre Federation) on condition that “the appointment must not bring any expense on the Government”. The service is unique in that it is fully Australian- owned and operated by its pilots in keeping with the terms of the original appointment.

Pilot On Board.

A must read for anyone who enjoys early Victorian maritime history, or just wants a stunning coffee table book full of beautiful pictures.

Group of children on a small boat

Our Community.