SeaRoad Precision Navigation - PPSP
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SeaRoad Precision Navigation


With the ever-increasing demand for freight transport across Bass Strait, SeaRoad introduced larger ships into its Devonport / Melbourne coastal trade.

SeaRoad’s larger ships now must manoeuvre in the limited confines of Devonport harbour and the existing berth restraints at Webb Dock in Melbourne whilst maintaining the highest level of safety.

Port Phillip Sea Pilots has tackled this very same issue safely for many years and was happy to share our knowledge and expertise to provide a customised solution.

In 2015 PPSP developed and built inhouse our bespoke Personal Piloting Units (PPU). This high-end system utilises an Australian designed and built integrated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and RTK GNSS, providing the most accurate heading, ROT, speed, positioning and predictive vectors available in the industry.

The precision navigation equipment provided by PPSP gives the Master and Deck Officers the confidence to perform the docking phase of the passage plan with repeatable accuracy.

The solution was to the satisfaction of the port authorities, and you can see these ships with highly skilled Pilot Exempt Master’s preforming these tight manoeuvres day in, day out.

PPSP has always been more than a Pilot service. We collaborate with port stakeholders, industry associations, government regulators and port authorities to assess risk and provide positive safe outcomes.