Victorian Ports Stakeholder Update - PPSP
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Victorian Ports Stakeholder Update

At 1800hrs Tuesday, 22nd of March 2022, the Port of Melbourne and Geelong Harbour Masters informed Port Phillip Sea Pilots the alternate Pilotage Provider APG/Auriga had no capacity to pilot vessels in or out of Victorian ports.

Port Phillip Sea Pilots currently service approximately 65% of shipping movements requiring Licensed Pilots in the ports of Melbourne and Geelong, and have a tailored workforce to meet this demand. The Harbour Masters appealed to us to explore options to keep shipping moving in and out of the Ports of Melbourne and Geelong.

It was made clear we were under no obligation to service vessels contracted to APG/Auriga, however PPSP made an “in good faith” agreement to service ALL vessels requiring pilotage services in both ports.

Despite an instant 35% increase in workload, we will continue to deliver a safe and efficient pilotage service. PPSP has always delivered a comprehensive Quality Assured pilotage service with significant investment in our people, equipment and systems to ensure continuity of service to our customers – no excuses.

Appreciate that although we have committed to service all vessels within the Ports of Geelong and Melbourne at this time, Port Phillip Sea Pilots cannot guarantee a “pilot on demand” to all customers. The “on demand” service is guaranteed to our cherished contracted customers.

Port Phillip Sea Pilots take our role in the essential supply chain to Victoria and it’s people as the cornerstone of our social charter. Our reputation for providing a complete and reliable service has stood uninterrupted for over 183 years and will continue to do so.

We thank our loyal customers for their continued support.

We especially thank our Pilots, Pilot Dispatch Officers, Pilot Boat Crews, Boat Repair and Admin Staff who have risen to the challenge.