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John Joubert PDO (Pilot Despatch Officer) has recently retired from PPSP where he played an integral role ensuring our operation ran as efficiently as a swiss watch.

On asking John for a memory to share during his 10 years in the role, he pondered and responded with,

“One particular night, I received a call from a pilot, who at the request of a passenger ship Captain, was asked to disembark with an unwell woman via the pilot launch. With cause for concern, I arranged an ambulance and stood by to assist. On the launch’s arrival at the pilot jetty the women had a miraculous recovery from an illness that may have been self-induced by a few too many G&T’s, the women stated, “I wasn’t going to spend another night onboard that ship with my boyfriend”. I laughed, but then realised I now had a bigger problem to solve, what to do with her now”

“On another occasion, I noticed a ship crossing bass strait that was heading directly for the northern shore of King Island, by notifying VTS (Vessel Traffic Services), we were able to contact the ship and divert it away from the Island. All in a day or nights work as PDO with PPSP”

From all the team at PPSP, you will be missed, we wish you a long and happy retirement.