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PPSP has developed a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan BCP to deal with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 Pandemic

The development and implementation of this plan has been a collaborative effort between our entire team. The effectiveness of the plan requires all of our team to take ownership and responsibility for their personal safety and in turn the ongoing viability of our essential service

Marine Pilots are critical in maintaining the supply of essential goods such as medical equipment, fuel and machinery parts into the country

There is no back up for our Marine Pilots and as we are a scarce resource, every risk must be identified to keep our pilots from harm’s way. We will be stress testing our BCP to ensure its full effectiveness

PPSP has introduced a pre-arrival questionnaire to be completed by the Ships Master in order to undertake a risk assessment. Each vessel will be assessed and prioritised before a PPSP pilot boards, the 14 day period from leaving a foreign port will be a factor in our risk assessment but will not necessarily preclude a vessel from boarding a pilot

Strict measures are necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of our team and in turn maintain the essential supply chain for the State of Victoria