Farewell to PV Mavis III, built in 1994, she serviced Port Phillip Bay and Heads for 26 years. Mavis was one of the last Pilot Vessels to be built in house at Queenscliff by past and present crew.

Jack Beazley (pictured in yellow, aged 93), worked for PPSP for 49 years 9 months as a ship wright and has seen firsthand the progression from clinker boats that used to transfer pilots from cutters to the high-speed launches that are used today.

PV Mavis III has been donated to the Queenscliff Maritime Museum where she will spend her retirement entertaining children who will get to explore a real-life pilot boat. Donating the vessel seemed like the right choice for both the environment and to preserve our history in the local area.

Special thanks to the efforts of: Capt. Zanoni, PPSP BRD team, Queenscliff Harbour (Sean Blackwood), Drews Haulage (Brad Drew), Local Mix Concrete, McHarrys Buslines, Quinlan Cranes, QPL Concreting and Searoad Ferries, for helping this project come together.