College buys ex-pilot ship - PPSP
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College buys ex-pilot ship

The Australian Maritime College has bought the former Port Phillip pilot ship Wyuna as a training vessel.

Since 1975, the Wyuna has been anchored off Queenscliff serving as an accommodation ship for the Pot Phillip Sea Pilots.

The Wyuna will finish service on November 29, and have minor modifications before becoming Australia’s first and only merchant service training vessel.

She will operate from the college’s deep-water jetty on the Tamar River near Launceston Tasmania.

The Wyuna was built in 1953 in Glasgow, Scotland for the Port Phillip pilots.

The 64 m diesel-electric ship replaced the Akuna, which was captured from the Germans in World War I.

In 1962, the Wyuna and the Australian National Line ferry, the Bass Trader, collided in dense fog outside Port Phillip Heads.

Nobody was injured in the collision, but the Bass Trader was holed on its bow.