Pilot on new course - PPSP
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Pilot on new course

Capt. Nobile (right) recieves his silver dish farewell gift from Capt. Colin Springall.

A MAN who guided about 3500 ships through the notorious Port Phillip Bay rip has put away his charts for the last time – well almost.

Cap. John Noble, 65, a seaman for 50 years, has retired after 20 years as a Port Phillip pilot.

And although he will not be going to sea again for a living, his retirement will mean more time for one of his main hobbies – yachting. In fact he “jumped ship” during a trip on an 11-metre yacht so he could be back in Melbourne last night for a farewell party.

Borin in Yorkshire, Capt. Noble first visited Port Phillip Bay as third mate on a British tramp steamer.