Wreck of the pilot boat rip - PPSP
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Wreck of the pilot boat rip

Wreck of the pilot boat Rip. “She was standing out through the broken water at the entrance to Port Phillip Heads, heavy seas continually breaking on board, when, in attempting to wear, she was struck by a huge wave like a wall of water, and thrown on her beam ends, her mainmast going by the board at the same time. The mate, Mr Loiseau, had his arm broken, and the steward, John Wells, had his leg torn open from the thigh to the ankle, the others all receiving injuries to a greater or less degree. They had not, however, much time to think of their sufferings, for almost immediately, several seas broke on board in succession, and Pilot McKenzie, Wells, the steward, and Classon, the cook, were swept away. Marr, who was clinging on the wreck of the mast, motioned his comrades on board to cut it adrift, in order to save the vessel, although their action in doing so would have away his last chance of escape. He then nodded to them calmly when they bade him ‘good-bye’. Surely there was something of the hero in this man.” Australian Sketcher, August 1873